Where can I start training?


Para badminton is badminton for people with different type of physical disabilities. The Paralympic Games is Parasport’s equivalent of the Olympic Games. Paralympics is only open to people with disabilities such as disability, visual impairment ordevelopmental disabilities. Click here for more about Para badminton Classes.

Special badminton is badminton for people with different type of intellectual disabilities. Special Olympics is an international sports organization for people with intellectual disabilities. 5 million participants from 174 countries train and compete through the Special Olympics. Special Olympics was founded in 1968 in Chicago Illinois in U.S. by Eunice Kennedy Shriver. Click here for more about Special Olympic Classes.

These are the badminton clubs that today is having para- and special badminton trainings. Click on the names of the clubs to enter their website about their initiative and trainings.

Stockholm  – Täby Badmintonförening

Uppsala – Fyrisfjädern BMK

Jönköping – BMK Wätterstad

However, there are many badminton clubs around the country who want to start para- and special badminton trainings. Are you interested in participating in para or special badminton in your city? Feel free to contact us or email paniz.yousefi@outlook.com.